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This site is intended to help direct and not so direct relatives of Crisoforo & Olivia Garcia keep in touch. I will update pictures as I get them and post information about everyone as I receive it.

This is a free service, so we really can't get very fancy here. I'll try to do my best to make the site look decent.

Pancho Claus
Pancho Claus visited Mom this year. Just a couple of days before her b-day.
January B-Day's -- Lots Of Em
January 1 - Mari Garcia
January 6 - Michael McWhirter
January 9 - Lydia Flores
January 10 - Rey Reyes
January 13 - Sol-Angel
January 15 - Cesar Garcia
January 17 - Tono Reyes
January 21 - Mitch Juenke
January 29 - Crisoforo Garcia

Happy B-Day Mom
I am posting a bunch of pictures form New Year's and some from Christmas. I hope you all enjoy them.

Yoli & Sally
I will post those pages as soon as I get some pictures. I know not everyone has a camera or scanner, or for that matter time. I'll try to scan some pictures myself.

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